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I almost don't even know where to begin with this uneducated, unprofessional, disgrace of a company- but I'll try my hardest to accurately relay my disgusting experience in the hopes that I can save someone from having to deal with this inept establishment in the future.

My wife and I made the unfortunate decision to book the limo for our wedding day through Mancuso Limo. Initially, the experience was not a bad one. We picked out our limo at some location on Main St. in Batavia, booked the limo, and actually even received the limo that we booked- which from other reviews I have read on this company, is a huge scam they pull. They allow everyone to pick out and book the nice limo, and then on the day of your event that limo “is broken down” so you get the 25 year old limo from the junkyard.

On the day of our wedding everything started out well. The driver was on time, and very nice. The nightmare didn’t begin until after the wedding ceremony. After the ceremony, we got into the limo, and as everyone does, we began to celebrate. My wife wanted to make a drink, so she grabbed one of the bottles of alcohol that we had stocked the limo with prior to the ceremony out of the cup holder and rested it on her dress as she made her drink. It turns out that there was some sort of red mystery liquid that somewhat resembled melted lipstick, or red paint, inside of the cup holder that the bottle had been in. So, when she removed the bottle from her lap, she had 4 bright red perfect circles all over her white wedding dress. Now, like I mentioned, the only part of the wedding that had already happened was the ceremony, so we still had a full day of pictures and the reception. Needless to say, this ruined the rest of my wife’s “day”. Her wedding day. The day that every girl waits their whole life for, was ruined by some scuzzy company’s inability to make sure that their vehicle is clean before renting it out again.

Now comes the real reason why I say this company is completely and utterly INEPT. Immediately following the wedding I called Mancuso and explained what had happened. We are not unreasonable people- we were not attempting to get anything out of this company, other than for the dress to be cleaned, even though based on the nature of the event that they ruined, we could have been seeking much more. When I spoke with Mancuso I talked to a very nice girl named Jesse, who was very apologetic and agreed that Mancuso should at the very least cover the cost of cleaning the dress. I appreciated the way that she handled the situation, and told her that I would send her the receipt after we had the dress cleaned, and she agreed that they would reimburse us for the cleaning once I sent them the receipt. Fine by me.

Enter: Andrew Gayton “Customer Service Specialist” to the situation.

After we had the dress cleaned, I called Mancuso and asked for Jesse so that I could get her email address to send her the receipt. Andrew Gayton informed me that Jesse had been fired, and refused to pay the bill for cleaning the dress. As would be expected, this infuriated me. I told myself initially that I knew there was absolutely no way they could make this right; there was no way they could UN-ruin our wedding day, but that if they made the gesture to pay for the dress cleaning that it would at the very least be a show of good faith that they were apologetic about the situation. So, needless to say, Andrew Gayton telling me that they weren’t going to pay the negligible amount ($150) that it cost to clean the dress did not sit well with me, and I was not going to let this go.

Our wedding was in July. I have continuously fought with Andrew Gayton over the past 6 months on the principle that I was not going to let this disgrace of a company get away with this situation. After relentlessly threatening the Better Business Bureau, and legal action (all over $150 to clean a dress), with no response whatsoever from Mr. Andrew Gayton, I finally received this gem of an email from him below:

“Ok I Have Played Your Game Enough And I’m Sick of Your Threats That Don’t Scare Me One Bit But I’m Seriously Sick Of Your Retarded Mouth Annoying The Living *** Out Of Me I A Personally Refunding Your 150 Dollars So That you shut the *** up and go away even tho it was your wife’s uncoordinated *** That spilled something on herself you 150 bucks will be on your card with 5 business days. Don’t really give a *** about you. im just sick of dealing with you HAVE A VERY GOOD NEW YEARS AS WELL!!!!!!!!!!! Money Has Been Refunded even tho I told you it was out of my hands I took care of it”

Thank You,

Andrew Gayton

Customer Service Specialist

Mancuso Limousines of WNY

Rochester - 585.343.1975

Buffalo - 716.833.LIMO

Fax - 585.343.1947

Naturally, I laughed at the grammar, and the actual content of the email, but the fact that this guy is their “Customer Service Specialist” was by far the most shocking aspect of all. I obviously have not responded to this ransom-letter-looking email, strictly out of fear for being murdered, but needless to say, I am appalled at the overall experience with this company. No one should ever, EVER, use Mancuso Limo unless you want to be disappointed and verbally accosted. They are unprofessional, uneducated, immoral, *** of a company.

One can only hope that with the help of this review, and the dozens of other negative reviews of their company, they will finally be put out of their misery and stop ruining milestone events in people’s lives with their incompetency.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of poor customer service. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of mancuso limousine rental service and associated monetary loss in the amount of $5000. Mancuso Limousine needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Really dry cleaning $150? 1 dress

Who's kidding who the bill stated for preservation and boxing

After talking with several drycleaners the dry cleaning portion was $75

After getting 75 emails a day and being threatened sorry for being disgruntled should've never been handled in such an unprofessional manner

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